Clan Break

When the going gets tough, the tough eat haggis
When the going gets tough,
the tough eat haggis
During the early summer, before the kids break for their holidays, the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers of Second Monkspath Group and their parents, together with the Mallory Explorers, converge on a campsite for three days of fun and activity.

For many it is the highlight of our scouting year, a special opportunity for the young people of all of our sections to meet, for parents to get involved and see what Second Monkspath scouting is all about, and for everyone to enjoy some lighthearted competition and perhaps learn some new skills!

Regular items include raft building, "wide games", backwoods cooking and, on the Saturday night, a campfire and barbecue.

The spirit of the event is very infectious, and everybody becomes a part of it. Quite often the Mums and Dads - if we're to be honest - are dragged along by enthusiastic offspring whilst actually feeling they are far too old to be messing about in tents... But inevitably they end up thoroughly enjoying themselves and most come back year after year!

Packs Romani
Packs Romani

Each year we have a theme. In previous years we have recreated the Roman Empire, complete with Chariot Racing, held a Hogwarts-style tournament between our four "houses" - Rubbaduk, Heffalump, Grizlibear and Snuffelin, and staged a cross between "The Great Escape" and "Allo! Allo!".

This year our theme was a Highland Fling. Among the fun and games we recreated a traditional Highland Games, with caber tossing and tug o' war, and had a fantastic celtic ceilidh (barn dance) on the Saturday night.

We'll be putting photos here on the website soon, and (by popular demand) the contact details for our excellent band. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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