The Team
The Six Summits challenge is an annual event/competition where teams from different troops compete to win the famous trophy.

It is called the Six Summits because the different teams have to scale six massive hills and mountainous terrain in only two and a half days. Itís not easy I can tell you, but really enjoyable all the same.

Last year we had a really successful team that completed well and with hardly any difficulties. That consisted of Sarah (cpt), Andrew, Mark and Chris. We started off well and immediately knew that it was going to be a fun and great experience. We didnít have much to live up to considering the team from the year before and their poor result but still we had to prove that we could beat them by so much they wouldnít believe it.

Show us the proof!
Harvey had stated at the beginning that we were to do this properly and that we would carry everything but the toilet tent. We had two tents, trangers and loads of other heavy items but we knew we had to do it no matter what was stuffed into our backpacks. Along the way we sang, ate salami sandwiches (someone/Mark got dehydrated) had intellectual chats. This doesnít sound interesting at all, I know but you have to be there to experience it all.

At the end we all received a certificate congratulating us on our fantastic achievement.

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